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Calibrated and supplied with a traceable calibration certificate to ISO 17025 standards, the scientific datalogger records ensures integrity of critical products. With an accuracy of up to 0.2?C / 0.36?F and a display resolution of 0.01, and water proof to IP67, these loggers provide a robust but highly accurate solution for a multitude of high accuracy applciations.

32K Non-volatile Memory The Scientific recorder has a 32K memory allows 16 hours to 2 years of recording depending on sample rate. Optional Low Temperature Range With the optional stainless steel probes, select a low temperature thermistor sensor, which will allow temperature recording down to -80?C / -112?F.

Multiple Trip Recording
Use the Scientific recorder time and time again. After each use, download your data and the recorder is ready for its next application.
Long-life Lithium Battery
The Scientific range of recorders have a Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery, which gives an estimated 5 year battery life and is rated to temperatures down to -40?C / -40?F.
Calibrated to 0.2?C / 0.35?F
Scientific recorders go through a 3-point calibration process at time of manufacturing. All scientific recorders are supplied with a traceable ISO17025 accredited calibration certificates.
Four Probe Options Available
Choose from four different probe options: Stainless Steel straight or bent probe, Plastic Handle probe or the Teflon probe. More Details
LED Status Indicators
The entire Temprecord recorder range has out of range indication. Set parameters and a red or green LED flash every 10 seconds will tell the user at a glance whether or not data recording has remained within the limits set.

Push Button Start / Stop
This easy system allows you to start and stop your recorder anywhere without sophisticated software in the field. This feature can be enabled or disabled and then started and stopped within the Temprecord for Windows software.

Retaining Hole
Fully moulded and ultrasonically welded retaining hole for easy securing of the data logger within different environments


Memory 32k non volatile
Sample Period Programmable between 2 seconds and 36 hours in 2 second increments
Start Delay Programmable between 2 seconds and 36 hours or use the start on date and time function
Start and Stop Start / Stop button on recorder or use the software and reader interface to start and stop recorder
Recording Duration 16 hours at 2 sec sample rate and 2 years with a 36 hours sample rate
Temperature Range
 Non Probe
 Standard Probe
 Low Temp Probe

-40?C / -40?F to +75?C / 167?F
-50?C / -58?F to +110?C / 230?F
-80?C / -112?F to +110?C / 230?F
Temperature Accuracy 0.2?C ~ 0.36?F over the range -20?C / -4?F to +50?C / 122?F otherwise 0.5?C / 0.9?F
Inside Range Indicator One flash from Green LED indicator every 10sec
Outside Range Indicator One flash from Red LED indicator every 10sec
Display Resolution 0.01?C ~ 0.01?F
Battery Type Primary Lithium Thionyl Chloride
Dimensions & Weight 129 x 73.5 x 14mm, 83 gms, Blue
5 1/8 x 2 7/8 x 5/8 inches, 2.92oz, Blue
Case Protection Rating Water proof to IP67 (NEMA 6)
Warranty Period 12 months on recorder from date of purchase ~ 2 years on battery

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Calibration Type

ISO 17025 Calibration




32K Non-volatile

Sample Capacity

32,511 samples

Sample Period

Programmable between 2 second and 36 hours in 2 second increment

Start Delay

10s to 36 hrs

Start and Stop

Start / Stop button on logger or use the software and reader interface to start the logger

Recording Duration

16hrs up to 2 years

Temperature Range

-40 ̊C to +75 ̊C (-40 ̊F to +167 ̊F)
With Temp Probe: -50 ̊C to +110 ̊C (-58 ̊F to +230 ̊F)
With Low Temp Probe: -80 ̊C to +110 ̊C (-112 ̊F to +230 ̊F)

Temperature Accuracy

With Probe: 0.2 ̊C over the range -40 ̊C to +50 ̊C (0.35 ̊F from -40 ̊F to +122 ̊F) else 0.5 ̊C (0.9 ̊F)
0.2 ̊C (0.35 ̊F) over the range -20 ̊C to +50 ̊C (-4 ̊F to +122 ̊F) else 0.5 ̊C (0.9 ̊F)

Display Resolution

0.01 ̊C (0.01 ̊F)

Within Limits Indicator

One flash from Green LED Indicator every 10 seconds

Out of Limits Indicator

One flash from Red LED every 10 seconds

Battery Type

Lithium Thionyl Chloride (3.6V)

Case Colour


Case Protection

IP67 or NEMA 6. Fully welded FDA approved food grade casing

Warranty Period

12 months on data logger and 2 years on battery from date of purchase. Warranty void if traces of water found within logger case
Dimension (L x W x H) 0 x 0 x 0
Weight 0

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