Environmental Monitoring System
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Temprecord Active Display (TAD) Real Time Monitoring System monitors temperature, humidity, CO2, room pressure differential, power failure and door opening information as it happens, then sends out a warning enabling action to be taken in a timely manner to preserve critical items.

A fully automated monitoring, warning and reporting system requiring minimal human input, saving time and money as well as reducing the potential for human error.

Temprecord Active Display (TAD) Real Time Monitoring System Feature Overview

  • The TAD system has a Scientific data logger in each channel, therefore all advantages of the Temprecord Data Logger are utilised in the TAD Real Time Monitoring System. Temperature accurate to 0.2?C, calibrated at 3 points, and humidity accurate to 3%, calibrated at 2 points. Display resolution is 0.01?C temperature and 1% humidity.
  • Room differential pressure monitoring is accurate to 0.02 of a Pascal. The sensors measure -100 to +100 Pascal, have zero drift and are offset free.
  • As the TAD monitors in real time, it will provide a warning, audio and visual, that an outer limit is about to be exceeded, therefore providing the opportunity to save the critical product, thus saving money and time.
  • The TAD Real Time Monitoring System takes the human element out, eliminating room for mistakes. It also negates the need for a human resource(s) to physically visit each site (fridge) regularly to monitor and download the information provided by the data loggers, saving resources, therefore money.
  • The TAD can be programmed to send alerts to predetermined people as per the roster at that date in the form of:
    • A text message to a mobile phone
    • An email to a PC
    • A message to an alarm monitored system either in the hospital (eg: boiler room) or outside of it (eg: security/monitoring company)
    • An alert can be sent to all 3 of the above
    • Visual and audible warning at the PC and slave modules running the TAD software
  • Local alarm ??? must be addressed at the PC to turn off and insert cause for alarm, forcing action to be taken, however a snooze function is available if the person is busy and may not get to it immediately. All of this is automatically logged and traceable.
  • Any reporting required can be programmed to be sent automatically on a preset schedule to the recipient(s), simplifying and reducing the work for the person who is responsible for reporting, therefore allowing them to do other tasks. This also simplifies and facilitates compliance requirements.
  • Reports by channel (site) providing detailed logged information are available and/or summary reports of all the channels are available for a quick overview.
  • The channels may be programmed with individual parameters and/or instructions if required, including alert messages to the individual responsible for each different unit.
  • The TAD system can be run in the background while using other programmes however it is recommended to dedicate a PC to the TAD system. An alarm message will pop up over the programme should the system send a warning signal for approaching/actual out of limits.
  • A Log file is created every time an action is preformed. Provides fully traceable information: who what when and why, ideal for compliance. Cannot be tampered with.

  • Inbuilt safeguards to protect information:
    • As each logger has its own battery, during power cuts the logger continues to log information and the TAD system interrogates the logger automatically, to fill in the information gaps created during a power cut. Temprecord?۪s system is the only system that can provide this function.
    • If a channel has been disabled accidentally, the TAD will interrogate the logger for the missing information from that site.
    • For notification of a network issue - Heartbeat emails sent on a regular basis with the recipient being notified if they cease.
    • Master/slave security system. Only supervisors can provide user names and passwords for an operator.
    • Password security. Logon is essential to create any action, enabling that action to be automatically recorded in the log creating full traceability.
    • Reports are automatically backed up on the PC as well as to selected destinations, eg: email, server, web site. Temprecord also offers a backup service if required. The reports are saved at prescheduled times, automatically named and filed in date ordered files in 2 formats, one of which is locked and unalterable. These are easily retrievable at any time by opening the file for the month/year created by the TAD, for which the info is required.
  • Testing and validation can be completed on site and is logged and reported accordingly in the TAD system; facilitates compliance.
  • Reporting is often used to identify refrigeration issues such as a fridge compressor not performing properly.

New features

The following new features have been added in the latest release:

  • Heartbeat email alert. IT (or other) set up facility to receive an alert if heartbeat emails cease. (This was set up as a warning system if the network is down for any reason.)
  • Pressure sensor data logger now implemented. Previously pressure readings were logged by the TAD PC but not on a logger. The DP Logger will retain data if there is a power outage. Automatic report generated after validation process completed. Automatically emailed.
  • MKT statistics added
  • In the event of an excursion, the sampling rate will change automatically to an alternative pre programmed rate, if this feature is selected.
  • Automatic report of regular Spot check against imported data from another reference. PDF and CSV format.
  • Automatic export of data from a selected window on a regular basis. (CSV format) Files can be saved automatically to Temprecord web storage site and stored for free Remote access for problem solving if permission granted to Temprecord
  • Daylight saving ??? automatically adjusted. Logging of transitions in and out of Daylight Savings periods has been added.
  • Operator presence detection via webcam.
  • Option to specify compact (less than 160 characters) SMS messages
  • A "heartbeat" indicator has been added to the status bar to indicate logging
  • All dockable toolbars (Main Menu, Graph zoom, trace select, channel detail can be persistently floated and docked in any available dock position. EG, large digital display of temperature on graph view.
  • Recovered samples are shown in a lighter shade on the graph.
  • Audible and visual alarm at PC if audio capable.



User Application: Temprecord Active Display Software Version 1.11 or later

Operating System: Windows 98 (SE), Windows 2000 and Windows XP


Available COM Ports: 1 - 255

Serial RS232 (RxD, TxD, Gnd, DTR & RTS)

Standard Ethernet 10 Base-T / 100 Base-TX Connection Option USB to Serial Converter Option

Wireless Ethernet Options availabe


Mains powered via provided power adapter

Power over Ethernet Option available


TAD Recalibration Programme

The Temprecord ISO 17025 accredited recalibration program allows clients to meet calibration auditing requirements without TAD downtime. Temprecord send replacement data recorders in keeping with a client?۪s planned recalibration program. Clients install recalibrated recorders and return expired recorders to Temprecord?۪s calibration laboratory to complete the cycle.

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